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Our Immediate Goals

Garnet and Wesley have active congregations that are committed to enhancing the lives of their church family members and those in the local community and beyond through their many varied activities.

We strive to:

  1. Continue to deliver meaningful worship services that:
    • Involve participation by people of all generations
    • Are relevant to the needs of the congregation members
    • Build on the musical interests of our congregations
  2. Increase the scope and level of participation by congregation members, and prospective new members, through:
    • Fellowship activities for youth, young adults, and the young at heart
    • Visitation of congregation members and others in our community
    • Utilizing the talents of a broad range of the church family in all events
  3. Reach out to support people in our community and beyond through:
    • Year 'round programs to assist people in our community
    • Supporting local people who serve missions in other countries
    • Mission & Service work of the United Church of Canada
  4. Emphasize spiritual growth and Christian development by:
    • Continuing with active Sunday School programming
    • Developing new, innovative programs for teens and adults